Vehicle Inspections in Alice Springs


Inspection — Mechanical Service in Alice Springs, NT
All vehicles being operated in the Northern Territory must be registered, covered with Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance and have a valid roadworthy certificate.

Sprint Mufflers & Exhausts is a licensed inspection station, meaning we are able to carry out registration checks on all passenger vehicles, four-wheel-drives and utes right through to small trucks less than 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM). If you are unsure if your vehicle is within this weight range, consult your manual or speak to our team.

Roadworthy inspections are required once a vehicle has reached the age of three years. If your vehicle is older than three years, but less than ten years, it requires a roadworthy inspection every two years. Once your vehicle is ten years old or older, it requires an annual roadworthy inspection.

Frequently asked questions on inspections:

Q. When do I need a roadworthy certificate?
A. You must have a valid roadworthy certificate to drive on main roads within Australia.

Q. What is required to pass a registration inspection?
A. Your vehicle must be in roadworthy condition. The inspection will include wheels, tyres, steering, suspension, brakes, seats, seatbelts, lights, reflectors, windows, windscreens and washers. It also looks at the vehicle's structure, engine and other safety features.

Q. What do I do if my vehicle fails the inspection?
A. Should your vehicle fail the inspection, the tester will show you the documentation explaining why the vehicle failed. You will then have a few days to have the necessary repairs carried out and then you will be re-tested.
If you require a roadworthy certificate as part of your registration, please make a booking with our licensed team.