Mufflers & Performance Exhausts Alice Springs


Sprint Mufflers & Exhausts specialises in anything to do with mufflers and exhausts. We have a large supply of standard and sports exhaust systems in stock, so we can quickly replace or upgrade your muffler. We also supply and fit truck exhaust systems.

Our team are able to custom-make a muffler or exhaust system to suit your vehicle, so come in and speak to us if you have a particular style in mind. We can construct an exhaust from steel or stainless steel.
Muffler — Mechanical Service in Alice Springs, NT
Your exhaust system is a complex one, made up of several parts that are designed to reduce the emissions and noise of you car, while allowing better airflow from your engine.

Did you know that the exhaust system can impact your car's performance and fuel economy? That is why it is important to use quality products and parts for your system.
Sprint Mufflers & Exhausts uses only the highest quality brands in our workshop, including:
  • Walker
  • Berklee
  • Mercury
  • Redback
  • Super Cat
  • PEX
  • Lukey
  • Pacemaker
  • Genie
  • X-Force.

Performance Exhausts

We stock a range of sports and performance exhausts to suit all types of vehicles, including renowned brands Lukey, PEX and Pacemaker. A sport system is made with a larger diameter tube, which can lower your fuel consumption and deliver more torque. We can also tailor the sound for clients who prefer a sportier or louder sound as well as those who like a noiseless exhaust.

If you are interested in discussing what exhaust and muffler systems would suit your needs, drop in to our workshop or give us a call.